Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Women

March is Women's History Month &
Today is International Women's Day
Group of Women Around a Table
In honor of this very special time, I'm celebrating the women who've shaped my life.

Granny Bird
When I was a child, my maternal grandmother read my favorites books BIG BIRD VISITS GRANNY BIRD and HELLO KITTY to me until she had them both memorized. She worked in the public library system for twenty-seven years and has taught me a lifelong love of reading.

Gone but never forgotten. She pushed me out of the nest very young, so I’d be forced to fly. I hope I make you proud.

Aunt Nor
Always welcomed me into her home no matter what the circumstances and pushed me to go for my dreams even when life seemed like a nightmare.

For over twenty-five years, this friend has stuck with me through heartache and triumph. If I possess even half of her good nature and kindness, I'd consider it a priceless commodity.

Pushing me to be the best version of myself in life, love, writing and martial arts. Without her, I never would have made the leap into the adult fiction world from my days as a children's writer, nor would I have attained my black belt in Shotokan karate.

Melissa, Sara, Marie, Rebecca, Emily and Irina (karate mom)
& all my karate girls
My karate sisters and friends whose love and support mean more to me than words could ever express.

Aunt Nicole, Shannon, Loretta, Betty, Caitlin, Nancy 
& all the women in my family
Thank you for showing me the true meaning of the word "family".

Jen, Coley, Maryann, Laura & all my friends
Friendship truly makes life worth living. It'd be forever rainy without you all.

My Fellow Women Writers (especially the #writersroad ladies)
Never give up your dreams. Never stop expressing yourselves through the written word. And never let fear or self-doubt rule you.

I am very blessed to know, love and respect these amazing women. So the question is...

How will you honor the women in your life?


  1. My initial comment was just eaten. :/

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I'm not sure yet what I'll do to honor the women in my life, but I'm honored to have read your tribute.

    I'd bet your mom's proud, and I hope--wherever she is--my mom is proud of me, too.

  2. chica! You are an amazing woman and friend and I'm so happy to have you in my life! And right back at you about pushing me to be a better person, and to not be afraid to just do things and push myself! Thank you for your friendship!

  3. What a wonderful post! And do you realize how many of these names would be wonderful in a book? ;-) Granny Bird and Aunt Nor especially. They have so much character to them.

    I spent National Women's Day being a mommy and getting my 14 year old son packed for a class Spring Break trip to Washington DC. :-) But I did manage to squeeze in a lovely chat with my mom that day, so that counts, I guess.

  4. Love this post! You make me reflect on the many special women who have influenced my own life. Both my grandmothers would be at the top of my list. Very remarkable, strong women.

    It's nice to meet you!